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Local SEO ExpertHi, I’m SEO Expert and Freelance SEO Consultant John Caines based here in the UK. I help SMB’s directly with my SEO consulting. I specialise in helping Local Businesses with my SEO Services but I’ve also have helped clients as far away as Asia! My Local Business SEO Services are always uniquely tailored to each clients goals and aspirations, but the end result really is to improve your organic search result positions (SERPS). Ultimately I can boost your through traffic and increase your conversions and ROI for your online business. I offer ‘White Hat’ SEO services catering for small ‘one man band’ website owners, through to technical Search Engine Optimization for local small businesses and SME’s.


If you’re looking for better results and more visibility in the search engines, then my expert SEO services I offer can have a very positive impact on improving your online business. My SEO Specialist services include a comprehensive review and analysis of your current digital footprint where I can find new areas to expand your web presence, gain market share and increase sales.

Below is a brief introduction of the professional Local Business SEO Services I can offer….

Competitor Analysis

  • Gap Analysis

  • Link Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Rank Tracking

Content Marketing

  • Outreach Campaigns

  • Creative Content Creation

  • Content Placement

  • Digital PR

Social Media

  • Social Content Creation

  • Brand Monitoring

  • Scheduled Posts

  • Insights & Analytics


  • Google Ads Placement

  • Facebook Ads

  • Twitter Ads

  • LinkedIn Ad Creation

Page Speed

  • Page Speed Optimisation

  • WordPress Plugin Config.

  • Performance Monitoring

  • CDN Integration

Website Migration

  • Migration Planning
  • Pre-Launch Testing
  • Post Launch Checks
  • Support & SEO Checks

Website Security

  • Wordpress Security Audit
  • Pen Testing
  • Security Plugin Config.
  • Htaccess Configuration

Google Penalty Removal

  • Boost Rankings

  • Disavow Links

  • Fix Technical Issues

  • Reconsideration Requests


I do Local Business SEO. I can market your local business online effectively. Expert in Google My Business (GMB) profile setup and citation submissions. Get started, attract more Local SEO Business.
My Local SEO Services >


I Do Technical SEO Audits. Full ‘On-Page’ and ‘Off-Page’ Site Audits to evaluate your website and your competitors. I offer understandable jargon free SEO reports that will show you how you can rank better!
Website SEO Audit >


I Do Web Analysis. Gain deeper insights into your website traffic. Understand the ‘WHO’ the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHERE.’ Real-Time marketing intelligence. Maximise returns with Web Analytics integration.
Web Analytic Services>


I do words. Keywords. Full keyword research, analysis and implementation services including PPC advertising – (Google Ads and Bing Ads). I find high-volume and long-tail keywords that your customers will be searching for.
Keyword Research Services >


I build Links. Backlinks. Competitor Link Analysis, Link Building Campaigns. Earn higher rankings with ‘Natural’ Link building services that I offer. ‘Been slapped by Google?’ SEO Specialised Link Services including Google Penalty Assessment / Link Removal Services.
Link Building Campaigns >


I Do WEB SEO. Web development SEO comes in many forms. Improvements in site architecture, website code and site speed are all critical. I also offer increased web security, mobile and WordPress optimisation.
Web Design & Web Development >

Why Work With Me?

Local SEO Web Development Keywords Research
Link Building Site Audits Technical SEO

I’m a Local SEO Expert. Local SEO is what I do. I’ve helped clients get to the top of the google results pages (SERPS) for years. SEO is essential for businesses to thrive in an ever-increasing competitive landscape that’s now dominated by having a strong online business portal with social media interaction.
Local Businesses need a technical SEO plan and strategy to stay competitive and increase market share and revenue streams. You need traffic, qualified visitors that want to buy now and become a regular customer for life. You need actionable Local SEO business knowledge to drive your organic traffic growth steadily over time. You need Local SEO .ltd


10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me As Your SEO Expert

SEO  – The Early Days
I’ve seen the development and evolution of SEO virtually since the start of the internet. As a seasoned and experienced professional SEO Consultant I can provide you with valuable knowledge and actionable advice that can deliver real results and improve your search engine rankings.
With Google constantly updating their search algorithms you need an SEO Expert to guide you through these times and deliver measurable results.

As a veteran UK SEO Consultant I can help you improve your website’s rankings and offer insight into increasing your website’s performance with technical SEO and traffic generation techniques.

Unbiased SEO Consulting:
I’m not affiliated to any company or  software product or service of any kind, so I have an unbiased level of duty and care for each of my clients.

SEO Experience Matters:
Watching how the internet and Google has evolved overtime, has provided me with a clear picture as to how websites now need to be positioned to maximise traffic and user engagement to give you the results you need.
I have amassed a great amount of SEO knowledge over the last 20 years and I only provide ethical ‘white hat’ SEO techniques that are proven to be effective and within Googles guidelines.

Contact Me:
Any time you need Expert SEO advice, you can contact me as your one point of contact.
With my 20+ years of SEO experience, I’m here to help you online business succeed.
Call Me on: 0785-370-2360
Email me to get in touch for all SEO consultancy services.

Staying Current In An SEO Industry:
Being up to date with latest algorithm changes and current trends in online marketing isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work. You have to be passionate about what you do. Keeping up to date with Search Engine Optimisation strategies in a continual practice any top SEO Consultant must follow.

I link up on various internet marketing forums, follow social signals from industry SEO experts and watch out for daily algorithm changes within the search engines. Keeping abreast of the current SEO landscape and having insights into changes that may occur on the horizon is a big part in being a successful SEO Consultant.

Main Advantage:
A big advantage to working with an Freelance SEO Consultant rather than via an SEO agency is having 1 point of contact.  So you’ll not get frustrated or irritated in liaising with different departments or speaking with various ‘team’ players to voice your concerns. No email chains to resolve any misunderstandings.

Better Working Relationship:
By having 1 point of contact for your seo project, you’ll cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship in all your SEO and online marketing efforts.
Having 1 point of contact really makes the whole process more open and transparent. This is a big plus in any communications you’ll have to engage in.

Local SEO Packages:
If you are looking to gain new visitors to your site, local customers and referrals that convert from visits into sales then one of my Local business SEO Packages is what you’ll need. Of course there are many Local SEO Business techniques I employ to help your business increase market share within your niche and location. Techniques include;

  1. Keywords: – Getting you ranking well for your chosen local business keywords is 1 strategy in increasing your online presence for local business.
  2. Structured Data: – Many onpage website ‘tweaks’ can be made to improve your local visibility for Google, Bing and other search engines. Utilising Structured Data markup is another way in which to do this on-page.
  3. Pay per Click: – PPC campaigns is a great strategy as it gives ‘instant’ traffic to your site and results that can be split tested and are measurable.
  4. Directory Submissions: – Submissions to local directories and NAP (name address phone number) citations are another speciality and service I provide for UK Local Businesses.
  5. Google My Business Setup: – Having a Google My Business – GMB listing is another method that can be used in a number of ways to drive traffic to your door and help Google decide how to position your business locally within their search engine results pages.

Contact UK SEO Consultant: –  If you want to improve your web presence ‘locally,’ then contact me for a FREE SEO Local Business Consultation. I have helped many local businesses with my Local SEO strategies and can help your business to.

Cost Effective SEO Plans:
I can provide better SEO Services at a lower price than large SEO agencies. Typically an seo consultant charges anywhere between 20% – 50% less than an agency that has a high head count to manage and reimburse each month.

Low Overheads:
Having lower overheads and expenses leads to a much better value proposition for you to engage in SEO expert advice and services.

SEO Pricing Study:
A study of 350 agencies, consultants and freelancers was carried out by a large SEO service provider in 2018 in which they surveyed and asked a wide range of questions related to pricing for their seo services. Even though this is in $ USD you get the picture as to why using an SEO freelancer can save you a considerable sum of money on your monthly retainer compared to an agency.

  • Agencies: $2,819.87/month, on average.
  • Consultancies: $1,906.48/month, on average.
  • Freelancers: $1,364/month, on average.

The most common hourly rate for SEO agencies is $100-$150/hour. For SEO consultants it’s $75-$100/hour, and for freelancers, it’s $41–50/hour.
Here’s a link to view the Google Docs SEO Pricing Study 2018.

The Bottom Line:
If you are looking for an SEO expert that can deliver you results and offers extremely competitive value, then contact me for all your SEO needs. I’m a Freelance SEO Consultant that offers seo services that are significantly cheaper than seo agencies. I deliver results that are a real value proposition for your business. Call me!

Client Privacy:
I never will and never have disclosed any client information except without full written consent to do so. Any contracts and agreements are made with a full Non-Disclosure (NDA) agreement.

SEO Contract:
Before any SEO work is carried out it’s extremely important for both the SEO consultant and client – to have the terms of all the seo services that will be provided set out in writing. An agreement in writing will clarify expectations and stipulate the services you are paying for. Things covered would include;

  • Website Access.
  • Control of online accounts.
  • Clearly defined techniques and practices to be used.
  • Time scales for certain milestones.
  • Pricing structures.
  • Invoicing schedules.
  • Cancellation terms.

SEO Contract Length:
Also most agencies try to tie you into a 6-12 month contract for ongoing SEO Services. With me, any SEO agreement made can be terminated with just 1 months notice. So should something happen to your business or a change in your financial disposition, you can easily end your seo contractual agreement.

Remember I’m here for you:
Please remember, I am here to work with you, help execute a bespoke seo strategy that will drive traffic and bring new customers to your website, thus increasing sales over the long term. With an SEO plan focused on sustainable growth, together we can improve your business financials and make this a mutually rewarding business relationship.

SEO Reports:
I provide each client with monthly SEO reports that are tailored to your campaigns and mutually agreed SEO and marketing goals.

A famous quote by Peter Drucker from his 1954 book titled, “The Practice of Management” said;
If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It.

Focused Reporting:
Typically my SEO reports focus on your website metrics, organic traffic growth and rankings within the search engines; primarily Google. But I’ll also highlight any specific work that’s associated with our agreed actionable steps and set goals.

If part of your SEO package includes Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), I;ll provide you with full monthly breakdown reports as to how your PPC campaigns are performing.

Transparent Monthly SEO Reports:
By me giving you these regular insights via monthly client reports, makes for a truly transparent two way working partnership. You’ll be able to see how my SEO efforts are helping you rank over time. As your digital marketing partner, I’ll report on what matters. Your key business objectives are always kept in focus and with open, honest regular SEO reports delivered to your inbox, you’ll get to see your digital campaigns and traffic increase on a monthly basis.

Valuable SEO Services:
My SEO Consulting Services always focuses on delivering value and actions that will drive positive results. With white-hat online marketing techniques, strategic link building campaigns, on-page and off-page optimisation your online presence can substantially increase and will climb the Google ladder, increasing your position  within Google’s organic search engine results pages, aka SERPs.

Why Run An SEO Audit?
So, you need to rank higher in Google. Gone are the days of just altering a few header tags and placing a few keywords on-page to get great rankings. Google has become much more complex in how they compute their ranking algorithm. With over 200 ranking factors uncovered (but still no-one knows the secret sauce), an SEO’s job is a lot more technical than it used to be. Having an in-depth SEO Site Audit is vital in your quest to rank higher in the organic search engine results pages.

A Site Audit Provides Vital Insight:
You have to know what’s going on on-page before you start making changes! You need to examine your websites performance across various metrics. Auditing will reveal just how much SEO work needs to be done, if any website re-design needs to be implemented and what changes are needed to achieve your traffic goals.

Search Visibility:
By analysing a full technical website audit you can get a deep understanding as to how visible your website is seen by visitors and within the major search engines.

Uncover Technical Issues:
Broken links, pages that don’t load, pages that cannot be indexed are just some of the technical SEO facets that can revealed with a thorough look into your  websites architecture.

User Experience:
You want to offer the best user experience for visitors to your website. As an example, maybe several web pages are buried deep within your site. This ‘click depth’ (the amount of clicks needed to get to a page from your homepage can be quite revealing).

Technical Questions That Need To Be Answered:

  • Do you know how fast your website loads? (Site Speed).
  • How is the internal linking distributed throughout your website?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • What are the status codes of all your pages?
  • Broken links? if so, how many and where?
  • How many backlinks do you have and in relation to your competitors?
  • Schema  – do you have this implemented on your website?
  • Do you have validated html and CSS code?
  • Meta tags and title tags used correctly?

These and many more technical seo questions can only be answered with a thorough website audit.

Technical SEO Audit Summary:
Ranking higher in Google SERPS, gaining visitors that stay on your website longer with intent is part art and part science. Google has made ranking higher a much more technical practice for the SEO. I run technical seo audits that will uncover if your website is well coded, and is optimal in the many areas the audit will cover.
Not only on-site but off-site backlink analysis is crucial to your visibility and marketing presence.
With the addition of Local SEO and Social channels that need to be analysed, a complete SEO audit is key before any strategy is implemented.

Contact Me For An SEO Audit:
Websites are complex. A technical SEO Audit is your starting point for all SEO. For a complete SEO Audit contact me, your UK SEO Expert.

Knowing What Your Competitors Are Doing:
A big consequence of ranking higher in Google is in the acquisition of additional traffic and more conversion rates for your products and services. By researching your competitors within your niche you can unlock their strategy and gather valuable Intel to make better SEO and marketing decisions. Having a clear understanding of what your competitors are doing and how they are ranking, you can instigate an SEO strategy to jump above your competitors in the organic SERPs. But first you need to Understand who your main competitors are!

Researching Your Competition:
You need to get the most out of any SEO campaign. Reverse engineering what your competition is doing online will reveal opportunities and give you a tactical advantage in how to exploit this valuable data to gain market share and better rankings. You’ll find;

  • Keywords that you can onboard.
  • Backlinks you can acquire.
  • Social Media mentions you can engage with.
  • Topics and fresh content to include on your website.

By analysing your competitor’s data you can see what works for them and leverage this competitive intelligence data to gain a directional course in your SEO strategies.

Ethical SEO:
Your long term business success is forefront in every SEO service that I provide. Being ethical in SEO means having the best intentions for you and your business at heart. With every client and project I’ve ever been involved in, short term results have to compliment long term SEO goals and aspirations.

Unethical SEO:
Back in the day, when the internet was taking off it was the ‘Wild West.’ anything went to try to get better rankings in Google. Many SEO’s were focused on unethical SEO ‘Black Hat’ techniques to gain market share and jump competition. Many unethical tactics were used including the use of;

  • Using ‘Hidden’ text.
  • Keyword stuffing.
  • Plagiarising content.
  • Duplicating Content.
  • Hiding Links & using CSS to mask their whereabouts.
  • Cloaking techniques.
  • Auto generated content and submissions.
  • Exploiting security vulnerabilities.

All of the above was a very short sited way in which to climb the Google ladder and in the long run could only hurt the sites reputation and even lead to a ‘Google Slap’ and removal from their search index. Simply over optimising the use of keywords on-page (even if this is performed unintentional) could possibly lead to a penalty from Google.

White Hat SEO:
I only ever use ethical ‘White Hat’ techniques that fall within Googles guidelines.  I constantly monitor search engine algorithm updates and their effects on websites and rankings within the SERPS.

Your reputation and long term success can only be accomplished with an ethical approach to SEO. I have an obligation to you to only apply responsible and ethical principles and best practices in all my work.

My SEO Reputation IS Everything:
My reputation as an ‘Ethical’ SEO Consultant is always something I will never compromise on.  I always follow best SEO practices and never cross the line into ‘Grey’ and ‘Black Hat’ territory. My adherence to being an ethical SEO will never be compromised.

You can place 100% trust in all my SEO techniques. Rest assured with the knowing that any practice I undertake is instigated ethically.

Contact me – John Caines; UK ‘Ethical’ SEO Consultant.





Local Website Development



“It Is Not The Job Of Search Engine Optimization To Make A Pig Fly. It Is The Job Of The SEO To Genetically Re-Engineer The Web Site So That It Becomes An Eagle.”


“The Objective Is Not To “Make Your Links Appear Natural”; The Objective Is That Your Links Are Natural.”


“Content Is King, but Marketing Is Queen and Runs the Household.”

GARY VAYNERCHUK - Entrepreneur

“Never Lose Sight Of The Fact That All SEO Ranking Signals Revolve Around Content Of Some Kind.”

DUANE FORRESTER - VP Industry Insights

“The Success Of A Page Should Be Measured By One Criteria: Does The Visitor Do What You Want Them To Do?”



UK SEO Expert Advice


The short answer is that a SEO consultant is someone who seeks to increase sales for your business, usually by getting you better rankings in the search engines. With better visibility you’ll gain more traffic to your website and with seo strategies and marketing techniques, you’ll get more pre-qualified targeted visitors that have buyers intent.
So, more traffic = more customers = more sales; it’s that simple.

That said, to rank well in a highly competitive market isn’t simple. This can involve many technical and performance fixes and is hard work; but the rewards can pay out huge dividends.
Finally, a successful and Professional SEO Consultant looks to improve the whole visitor experience. So how you are 1st seen in the search results matters! Inducing and morphing a ‘searcher’ into a ‘visitor’ with buyer’s intent to click on your website, to potentially converting into a sale.
So, a good Freelance SEO Consultant aims to increase your search visibility and prominence, and increase your sales.

This can be summed up as optimising your website so that it can 1st be crawled and then indexed by the search engines.
Potentially many issues can be found when a thorough Technical SEO Audit is carried out.

  • Broken or poor performing elements on your website and server configuration issues can be addressed.
  • Things such as site architecture, internal links, html and schema markup as well as site speed optimisations can all be improved after a thorough technical seo audit has be completed.
  • Also take note, best practices are always used, pure white hat techniques.

So no chance of any ‘Google slaps’ or penalties by using unscrupulous ‘shady’ practices or methods that could affect your websites rankings.

It depends! Many seo consultants try to target monthly retainers, depending on the size and scope of the project. For example, a website that is in a highly competitive market and needs to rank for many keywords will be a much larger task than a small local business trying to rank high in a small noncompetitive niche.
Generally, SEO Consultants prices fall into 2 categories.

  • A specific seo service that can be priced at the outset. As an example, a client wishing a technical site audit on their website.
  • An ongoing service – IE, link building and content creation to rise or stay in a high position in Google’s SERPs pages.

So, prices on an hourly basis for me are £45 per hr. Monthly retainers range from £350 to around £1,500 per month depending on the amount of seo work needed.
This compares very favourably with SEO agencies charging anywhere between £100 and £250 per hour!
Large Search Engine Marketing agencies usually have large over heads that have to be factored in.

Absolutely! To rank well on Google and potentially get to number 1 for your targeted keyword search terms can take a large amount of time and effort. You just can’t do it all yourself!

Let an seo expert take care of your ranking positions and visitor traffic so you can concentrate on running your business in all its other areas.

This is important as a successful website and seo campaign is really only as successful as the quality of the business that is underpinning it.

I only use best practices so your website is search engine friendly and gives your visitors the best user experience possible.

Hiring an SEO Consultant can be very lucrative and rewarding for your business and brand.

I specialise in Local SEO Services. Part of the mix involves creating local campaigns to help local businesses sell more products and services by appearing in Googles 3 Pack (Local Pack).
NAP business listings, directory and citations submissions are part of the mix as well as many on-page optimisations.
These include the good use of structured data markup, title and meta description tags optimised for local search and content creation targeted and optimised for Google and the visitor.
Content is still king, and creating compelling copy with buyer intent that is also seo optimised is something Google loves!

Local SEO Optimisation is a primary task for a SEO Consultant, and keeping current with changes to Googles algorithms and the social sales and marketing landscape ensures that this tool stays sharp in his seo toolbox.

Let’s Work Together


I’m passionate about technical SEO and I’d love to help you on your project, so please get in touch. I’m happy to discuss how Local SEO .Ltd can help you maximise your website’s organic search potential. I increase clients traffic via ‘White Hat,’ ethical SEO techniques. Need better rankings?
Then feel free to contact me. Many thanks for stopping by. Best regards from; JohnC – Local SEO.Ltd

“Your Freelance SEO Consultant & Local Business SEO Expert.”

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